Illinois land selling experts at your service

Whether you are selling rich, tillable farmland or hunting ground, or you’re buying lakefront property or a country home, the best way to buy or sell land is with a REALTOR(r) who understands land. That’s where the team at Illinois Farm and Rec Land comes in.

We are the premier real estate brokers for buyers and sellers of rural land throughout the state. Our agents are experts at navigating the complex processes involved in buying or Illinois land selling experts at your service, including 1031 exchanges, conservation easements and more. Our clients trust us to provide expert advice, fair prices and quality customer service.

Our experienced agents are committed to helping you reach your goals and dreams, whether it’s finding that perfect spot to hunt, grow crops or enjoy a quiet retreat. We look forward to working with you!

Mark Goodwin is a recognized leader in the sale of farm, development and residential land in the collar counties of Chicago. Area appraisers and lenders rely on him for market insight. A graduate of Southern Illinois University, a certified Level 3 Deer Steward and a serious whitetail bowhunter, Mark has developed a unique understanding of the dynamics that make up the Illinois landscape and a passion for stewardship. He combines this knowledge with his extensive education and experience in marketing and the agricultural industry to help his clients reach their real estate goals.

Mastering Legal Nuances: How Our Experts Safeguard Your Interests
Navigating the legal landscape of land sales in Illinois requires expertise. Our professionals ensure all legal aspects are meticulously handled, protecting your interests and providing a seamless transaction process.

Strategic Marketing: Showcasing Your Property for Maximum Impact
In a competitive market, effective marketing is key. Our experts craft tailored marketing strategies, leveraging digital platforms and traditional channels to showcase your land, attracting potential buyers and securing optimal deals.