If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident that was the fault of someone else, it’s important to understand your rights and what legal options you may have. You may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You can also seek punitive damages in certain cases.

An experienced Sacramento injury lawyer can help you calculate your total losses and determine how much you’re entitled to receive in a settlement. He or she can also deal with auto insurance companies on your behalf and take them to court if necessary to fight for the maximum amount you deserve.

A jury has awarded the family of a construction worker killed in a fatal truck accident a $4.8 million verdict. The award includes both past and future pain and suffering. The case was filed against the truck driver, the employer of the driver, and the owner of the truck. The driver was found to have acted negligently.

The truck driver reportedly failed to check behind him before backing the truck up over 400 feet without a spotter. The truck struck a worker who was standing outside his own truck at an asphalt yard. The worker was seriously hurt in the crash and later died from his injuries. The truck driver and the employer of the trucker have been found to be liable for his death.

Car accident victims often have questions about the different types of damages they can claim in their Sacramento accident lawsuit. While most people are aware that they can recover compensatory damages for their physical injuries, they might be less familiar with punitive damages. These are intended to punish the wrongdoer and deter others from committing similar offenses in the future.

An attorney can explain the different types of punitive damages and how they apply to your specific case. He or she can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible parties, fight to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your injury, and represent you in any appeals that may be necessary.

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The right injury lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to getting a fair settlement from an insurance company. A knowledgeable Sacramento car accident lawyer can understand what insurance companies are looking for and can prepare a strong demand letter that makes it clear what you’re entitled to receive in your settlement. He or she can even bring in experts to analyze the crash and determine how much your total losses are. If you’re ready to start the recovery process, call our office today!